Glenwood: A Community Jewel

The Glenwood Neighborhood is a historic neighborhood in Chattanooga, TN with a deep history, rich heritage, and a charming appeal. 

Glenwood is located on the east side of downtown Chattanooga between the historic Missionary Ridge and Orchard Knob National Military Parks (Civil War).  The deep history, rich heritage, and charming appeal make the historic Glenwood Neighborhood the community jewel that its tagline indicates.

The Glenwood Neighborhood has a deep history because the area as a key site for Native American settlements and the Battle for Chattanooga during the Civil War.  A settlement of Mississippian Native Americans lived around the Glenwood Neighborhood about 1000 years ago, as did a Cherokee settlement in the 1700’s. And during the Civil War, the Battle for Chattanooga cut right through the area known today as the Glenwood Neighborhood, as the battle transitioned from Orchard Knob mount to Missionary Ridge.  

The Glenwood Neighborhood’s rich heritage comes from its innovative & welcoming street layout as well as the distinct architectural styles of its homes. Glenwood’s street layout was innovative for its time because it was one of the first planned & developed subdivisions in Chattanooga, and it is welcoming & innovative because it was one of the first neighborhoods in the United States to be planned with curvilinear streets in order to accommodate pedestrians & residential living alongside automobile traffic in metropolitan areas. Glenwood was planned 2 years before influential urban planner Clarence Perry's nationally popular book The Ideal Neighborhood Unit Concept that pioneered neighborhood designs within urban areas.  Glenwood’s rich heritage also comes from the unique & diverse architectural styles of its homes including an outstanding concentration of bungalows, Classical & International styles, and neo-Tudors.  The Glenwood Neighborhood has 158 homes on the National Registry of Historic Places.

Glenwood’s charming appeal comes from the unique character its homes and how the neighborhood accommodates pedestrians & residential living in a metropolitan area.  The unique & historic architectural styles of the homes transport you to another time, and the curvilinear streets welcome pedestrians & residential living into the downtown bustle.